Mega Heater

The Mega Heater was a device invented by Billy that was used by the Green Ranger to superheat the inside of the giant-sized Turbanshell monster.
First seen Green No More, Part II
Last seen Green No More, Part II
Series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Turning up the heat

When Lord Zedd’s giant-sized Turbanshell monster was attacking the Red Dragon Thunderzord in its Warrior Mode, the Green Ranger prepared to call Dragonzord to help. However, Zordon interrupted him before he could summon the Zord. Zordon explained that the only way to defeat the monster was to hit his inner shell with intense heat then the outside with water to freeze him.

Green Ranger uses the Mega Heater
Green Ranger uses the Mega Heater

In order to get inside Turbanshell, the Green Ranger hid in a crate of watermelons that had been positioned in the back of a nearby vehicle. Turbanshell was unable to resist the watermelons and scooped them up, swallowing both the fruit and the Ranger.

Unbeknownst to Turbanshell, his meal was going to be a lot spicer than he anticipated as Tommy had snuck in with a new secret weapon.


Rangers, that’s a Super Mega Heater

Once inside, the Green Ranger used Billy’s Mega Heater to raise the temperature. The Mega Heater took the form of a large grey rifle that shot red energy blasts. As the temperature rose, smoke could be seen on the surface of Turbanshell’s stomach.

Green Ranger praises the Mega Heater
Green Ranger praises the Mega Heater

On the outside, the Black Ranger used a hose connected to a fire hydrant to blast the monster with freezing cold water. As the outside of the monster cooled, ice formed all over its body causing the desired reaction.

The Green Ranger was rapidly expelled from Turbanshell’s mouth and landed on the street below, Mega Heater in still in-hand. The Green Ranger later remarked to the Blue Ranger that the Mega Heater worked perfectly. [MMPR2: “Green No More, Part II“]

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